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COVID-19 UPDATE: Here at Hadley Group we are working hard to protect our people as the pandemic develops, whilst also striving to continue to provide excellent customer service. Click the links for information on the Covid-19 virus for customers and for suppliers.


Account Manager

There is an opportunity for an Account Manager to join Overeem, the European HQ in The Netherlands for the Hadley Group.

You would be playing a key role in supporting the European sales plan, generating profitable sales using your technical knowledge of roll forming products and industry knowledge to promote our products and solution benefits for our customers based in France, Belgium and possibly the Netherlands.

Reporting to the Regional Sales Manager based in Ede, Netherlands, you would be working remotely to develop our existing customer relations, as well as identifying new opportunities within various markets within your geographical region.

Key Responsibilities

  • Identifying target markets and accounts to develop the European sales strategic plan for France and Belgium.
  • Liaising with the technical team concerning the viability of new sections, lead times, delivery details, machine availability and manufacturing programmes to promote a unified approach for the customer.
  • Co-operating with the European Key Account and Global Key Account teams to share information ensuring growth targets are achieved.
  • Being responsible for the implementation of regional growth initiatives aiming to achieve growth targets each year.
  • Being responsible for a complete analysis of the market environment within given geographical area, helping to identify new business opportunities/threats, as well as developing and executing strategies.
  • Developing and executing the strategy for potential customers and projects.
  • Developing knowledge of competitive products, strategies and activities.
  • Preparing competitive quotations based on the company pricing structure.
  • Visiting both existing and potential customers within given geographical area.

Core Competencies Include:

  • Product and Solution Knowledge
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Application Knowledge
  • Customer Relations
  • Time Management and Sales Discipline

The successful candidate should have:

  • Experience working within a European Manufacturing Business
  • Knowledge of metal processing technologies, preferably roll forming products
  • Minimum of 5 years sales experience within a multimillion € region with a proven track record.
  • Engineering or Technical degree
  • Experience working within the construction market is beneficial, but not essential.
  • Willingness and flexibility to travel at least 50% of your time within Europe.
  • A fluent proficiency in Dutch and French. The ability to converse in English would be advantageous.

Our offer

We offer you a challenging job with many responsibilities and variety in a well known international company in the Metal Industry. Your salary will be determined in consultation and based on experience. In addition to excellent terms of employment such as a profit-sharing scheme and training opportunities, we are offering you a job in which you can work independently but also together with our International Sales team in Europe.

Are you excited and would you like to start working for our company? Please respond quickly and send your CV and motivation to

For more information please call the HRM department on telephone number +31 (0)318-697811.

About Overeem BV

Overeem (European HQ) is a part of the Hadley Group, a UK-based company and world leader in advanced cold rolled steel technology, with manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, with more than 500 employees worldwide. We deliver innovative solutions with applications across sectors as diverse as construction, automotive, industrial and agriculture.

Our continuing growth and success is entirely dependent upon our ability to attract, retain and develop the best employees, and it is for this reason that we promote equal opportunities and continuous personal development for all those working with us.

Please note that Hadley Group is not engaging with recruitment agencies for this vacancy and therefore request that agencies do not make unsolicited approaches with regards to this vacancy. We will not be liable for any related fees should agencies choose to submit CVs/ Introductions of candidates to an employee of Hadley Group. In the event of any employment under these circumstances as noted above, our policy will supersede your terms of business and unsolicited approaches may affect our decision when reviewing our PSL in the future.

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